Everything You Need to Make a Professional Resume

The path to landing a job has changed a lot in the past decade. You need to know the right keywords and formatting tools to use if you want to break into your industry and land a rewarding position. It is important to know where to go to get the right tools as you craft a resume that’s sure to land you an interview.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, ProfessionalResume.org has resources to help you put together an effective resume that gets noticed by hiring managers. Browse our library of job-specific resume examples, proven templates and interview tips. Let us help you get hired.

The Resume Writing Process

Writing a resume isn’t something you should just rush into without the right amount of research and planning. It is important that you focus on the job you want when putting words on paper. Being as specific as possible will help you land a position in your chosen field. You can find professional resume writing tips right here. You can also take advantage of resources that will help you check and proofread your resume for errors that could sabotage your chances of landing an interview.

Resume Sections

A resume is only as good as its parts. You need to carefully plan out every section of your resume if you want to craft a masterpiece that impresses hiring managers. Some of the important sections you need to include in your resume format include:

Manager Resumes

Resume Objective

Applying for management positions comes with its own unique rules and challenges. It is important that your resume reflects the level of expertise required for the jobs you’re applying for.

Professional Resume offers tips for crafting an impressive resume that reflects your aptitude and experience. You can build an attention-grabbing resume by learning the right ways to share your objective, relevant experience and skills. Take advantage of customizable templates to ensure you make the right impression.

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Executive Resumes

Executive Resumes

An executive resume is an entirely different beast than the standard resume. This is your chance to display the unmatched expertise and leadership skills you can bring to an organization. You’ll find writing tips for making a winning first impression here on Professional Resume website.

In addition, you can take advantage of tips for organizing your objective, experience and other resume sections. You can even use customizable templates to craft a flawless resume that checks all the right boxes.

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Review Professional Resume Templates

ProfessionalResume.org makes it so easy to browse a directory of professional categories to find a template that fits your needs. Our templates are grouped by professional categories that include executive-level jobs, management positions and other specialties.

It is important to use the right language for the professional level you are applying at. Each tier of the corporate world has its own language when it comes to resumes and cover letters. The available templates allow you to use the correct writing approach for the specific position you’re applying to.

The Art of Creating a Professional Resume

How do you create a resume that makes a hiring manager sit up in their chair and take notice? Professional Resume Guide is the premium site for professionals seeking to create effective resumes and work through the levels of the hiring process. We put everything you need to craft your professional identity in one place. Our templates and tips are ideal for managers, executives and other high-level job seekers. You’ll find the right keywords, formatting and strategies for improving your employment situation.

The resources provided are intended to get your resume noticed by hiring managers and human resources professionals. What’s more, you can use these resources to increase your chances of passing the initial resume screenings that precede the interview process. Now is the perfect time to start putting together a resume that features attention-getting keywords, easy-to-read formatting and clear details. This Professional Resume Guide is your one-stop shop for creating a winning resume that leads to results.