Resume Achievements

Achievements allow you to distinguish yourself from the crowd of other qualified candidates who have been responsible for the same types of functions, but who have perhaps not performed as successfully as you.

Your professional resume achievements should also be represented by such key phrases as: increased profits, reduced operating costs, and other short phrases that summarize but do not detail your accomplishments.

Resume Achievements

Remember to be concise. Focus only on your achievements and skills that are required for the job you are seeking. Eliminate any extra information that detracts from emphasizing what the job requires.

Resume Achievement Examples

To get you started in highlighting your achievements and your contributions, consider the following sample achievements. Do any of these examples sound familiar?

HR Generalist

  • Trained all employees, who ranged from zero experience to highly trained service staff, in company policies, work standards, increasing customer satisfaction by 50% and employee retention by 40%.
  • Wrote a company guide about benefits, vacation, duties, rights, company regulations, performance procedures for employees and management.
  • Implemented salary grades and levels for new hires and promotions.
  • Designed and implemented the first system of human resources for the company, offering a single source, and an updated employee database.
  • Established and implemented annual merit awards, obtaining a merit budget dedicated to the best employees.
  • Implemented a feedback and communication system for employees to detect and correct problems, improving employee satisfaction by 50%.
  • Planned succession lines and designed employee development programs to consolidate the future structure and to preserve talented workers.
  • Stabilized the balance between the company's interests with the employees' needs to reach business objectives.
  • Detected high quality candidates and reduced cost per hire by 25%.
  • Improved employee retention and saved 0,000 by reducing associated cost of dismisses and new hires.

Correctional Officer

  • Earned the Expert marksmanship ribbon with one bronze star on the M16 rifle and .38 caliber pistol during military service.
  • Earned the AF Good Conduct Medal, the AF Outstanding Unit Award Ribbon and the AF Overseas Long Tour Ribbon during military service.
  • Served in the United Kingdom, worldwide temporary duty and in other classified operations.
  • Earned the Academic Achievement Award at the Correctional Officer Training Academy.
  • As the Visit Sergeant at SWSP, improved the visit program, reduced visitor complaints, and interdicted several large illegal drug smuggling attempts.
  • Created and updated hundreds of standard operating procedures for SWSP the largest state prison in New Jersey as a Lieutenant.
  • Proposed and planned the installation of several hundred cameras and the requisite infrastructure upgrades. Liaised with the Maintenance department, and outside contractors as a Lieutenant at SWSP
  • Planned and executed the creation of an Administrative Segregation Unit at SWSP using the pre-existing Detention Unit as a Captain.
  • Conducted investigations into employee misconduct as a Lieutenant and a Captain at SWSP and EJSP.
  • Conducted disciplinary hearings as the representative for the State of NJ at SWSP and EJSP as a Lieutenant and a Captain.
  • Presented daily, weekly and monthly incident report summaries to Department Staff and Management.


  • Ameliorated language development, social aptitude and comprehension of mathematical and scientific concepts through diverse actions, such as games.
  • Decided best teaching method depending on age and aptitude to achieve the best and fastest progress.

Call Center

  • Resolved an average of 100 inquiries per day and regularly met the company criteria in all fields (time, knowledge, correction, client satisfaction).


  • Managed setup of 100 FTE Finance Shared Service for State Street Corporation from the inception stage involving recruitment planning, organizational structure design, Hiring, Transitions, Client Relation Management, Collaboration for Infrastructural setup, Lean Initiatives etc.

Aerospace Engineer

  • Directed a million operating budget, personnel and training, cost objectives, estimations and reporting.
  • Created and managed team to operate new property of 6 wells.
  • Improved production performance and drilling success by 50% within the Venezuelan Coast.

Advertising, Marketing and PR

  • Arranged business case and plan prospectus for analysts for external audit and investment. These plans resulted in successful equity and debt raises.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and employee retention by opening new lines of communication through company websites and compensating staff efforts to meet client needs.
  • Created and established strategic marketing relationships in conjunction with the most important business leaders and manufacturers in our fields.
  • Created winning teams through the use of structure, communication, and reward.
  • A proven track record of revenue and profit growth as well experienced M&A leader.

Business Administration

  • Participated in an outcry against Writs of Assistance.
  • Wrote: Essay on Canon and Feudal Law, in protest of the Stamp Act.
  • Elected to the Massachusetts General Assembly in 1770.
  • Chosen as one of five men to represent Massachusetts at the First Continental Congress in 1774.
  • Representative at the Continental Congress of 1775.
  • Wrote the Novanglus in early 1775, declaring loyalty to Great Britain, if given fair treatment and self-government.
  • Wrote: Thoughts on Government.
  • Successful defender of British soldiers who perpetrated the Boston Massacre.
  • Engaged in as many as 90 committees and chairing 25 at both Continental Congress'

Call Center

  • Resolved an average of 100 inquiries per day and regularly met the company criteria in all fields (time, knowledge, correction, client satisfaction).
  • Became the trainer of new and current employees.


  • Received the honorific mention in architecture degree, expedited by U.N.A.M, 1997.
  • Project Manager of the renovation of the interior of one of the most known discotheque in acapulco ( baby´o ), in 2009.
  • Director of public works of the municipality of acapulco, 2012.

Attorney and Lawyer

  • Successfully helped organize the squatting of two city owned abandoned buildings.
  • Received award and acknowledgement of the Seward Park and Urban Redevelopment Plan known as SPURA Also awarded by the City Council woman Rosie Mendez for my work.
  • City council acknowledgment and certificate for recognition of my work for the withdrawal of the U.S Navy of the Island of Vieques Puerto Rico. Awarded by City Council woman Margarita Lopez.
  • Certificate and award from the Fair Housing Division, Washington Headquarters for my work as an Intake Analyst issued by the Director of Fair Housing Sara K Pratt.

Network Analyst and Administration

  • Conducted training sessions for 50 staff members in Oracle Database, Microsoft Office Professional and Blogging.
  • Concluded the installation of HP computers in classrooms, offices and computer labs, speakers, portable multimedia podiums and digital signage monitors to facilitate the raised utilization of technology in ABC School.
  • Created and installed security configurations for all the operating systems and enterprise solutions to make sure the IT system and data were adequately protected and safe.
  • Completed training sessions, workshops, and courses about Certified Asset Management, Certified Software Management, Windows 7 Desk Support, Gartner Business Process Management, Banner Summit 2011, Apache Tomcat.
  • Improved network reliability, availability, and performance to company through the Network Up-date Project.

Athlete and Sport Competitor

  • 2011 Junior Baseball World Champion Tournament.
  • Awarded Player Of The Year.
  • Created a Strong Baseball Team. Winning The League In 2009 and 2011.


  • Named "Outstanding Chef" by the ABCD Foundation in 2010.
  • Named 2011 Sommelier of the Year by the ABCD Association.
  • Improved customer satisfaction level, offering them a free tapa during their waiting until the food was served in the table. Customers' tips grew more than 100% what permitted us to maintain this fantastic welcome gift.

Bank Executive

  • Generated new leads on a monthly basis to achieve the targets.
  • Able to provide good service and satisfy the need as per the clients.
  • Cross selling of investment products was done to the existing customer base.
  • Maintained daily sales reports and tracking them on regular basis to achieve better results.

Bank Manager

  • Honored with President's Achievement Award for notable contribution to the success of a stagnant Branch, in 2010 and 2011.
  • During my tenure as Branch Manager of Bank of the Sierra, I reduced complaints by 75%, improved client satisfaction by 90% and decreased refunds by 85%.
  • Implemented a comprehensive tracking program to know company situation and financial wellness of current projects.
  • Directed launch of updated corporate products, on-time and under budget.
  • Designed and implemented multiple operating best practices and processes that enabled the company to perform efficiently.

Civil Engineer

  • Executing 5KM city Bridge concrete segments in north of Tehran (Sadr Project - Tehran ; 2010-2012).
  • Developing a bridge alignment controlling application and directed an engineering team of 6 people for producing bridge concrete segments exactly just is shape (Sadr Project - Tehran ; 2010-2012).
  • Developing a GIS based system for managing and directed an engineering team of 20 people for depot site of over 2000 bridge concrete segments (Sadr Project - Tehran ; 2010-2012).
  • Developed an windows application for analyse bridge span increments (Sadr Project - Tehran ; 2010-2012)
  • Real Estate and Cadastre qualified engineer by the Iranian government.
  • Developed a geodetic network application for Iranian national cartographic center to adjusting 3D GPS networks through whole country (National Cartographic Center - Tehran ; 2008-2009)
  • Directing an executing, surveying and piping team of 7 engineers in water supply project (Iraq - Kirkuk ; 2013-Present)
  • Geodetic surveyor and head executive engineer for 20 Km pipeline from clear water supply site to 4 nearby cities (Iraq - Kirkuk ; 2013-Present)

Data Entry and Word Processing

  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment, while maintaining an emphasis on quality.
  • Trained administrative staff of 25 people on office policies and procedures.
  • Instituted procedures that improved office operations.
  • Organized important events and meetings in different cities, that positively impacted the company, becoming well-known by customers and reliable to investors.
  • Introduced several programs to improve support functions.
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment, while maintaining an emphasis on quality the company.
  • Instituted procedures that enhanced customer service.
  • Built a customer database to improve tracking, reporting and customer service.
  • Became a trusted assistant to the company president, executive staff and office manager and earned a reputation for maintaining a positive attitude and producing high-quality work.
  • Received several customers and clients commends for providing excellent service.

Mining Engineer

  • I serve as a Morgan Leader at my school. This role is funded by the Burton D. Morgan foundation to develop leaders and entrepreneurs who will make a substantial impact on the world. One of only ten students in class of 2014 to be chosen for this role. Picked by the Dean of Students and previous Morgan Leaders to serve. We seek to link the student body and school administration together. We also travel around the country to meet with various alumni and business leaders to gain their perspectives on leadership. Currently working on effectively organizing a group of sophomores and leading them to make a difference in the school through helping the freshman.
  • I serve as the Co- Chair of my school's Honor Council. Nominated by the school body to serve on the council and selected by the previous council. I work to make sure integrity is upheld in the classroom as well as all aspect of life. This includes meeting with students who made a mistake and speaking in front of the student body about ways we can ensure honesty.

Construction Management

  • Managed completion of diverse million per year construction projects.
  • Evaluated and analyzed project costs, arranged takeoffs and performed project proposals dealing with the General Contractor.
  • Directed crews of 30 people that included carpenters, journeymen drywall hangers, and other general laborers.
  • I served as the Varsity Men's Soccer Captain during the fall season. There was a different dynamic to this role. I strove to make sure everything on the field was positive and that we were working as a unit.
  • I serve as the Prefect in my dorm. I was chosen by all of the dorm housemasters as well as the Dean of Students to serve in this role. I work to monitor my dorm and make sure everything's running smoothly. This includes a night where I do " dorm duty." (Check in students and make sure rooms are clean, etc.) I also assist the housemaster with things such as recycling.

Outside Sales

  • Increased accessories sales by 12% displaying helpful attitude and styling advice to customers.
  • Developed and maintained excellent customer relationships and offered exceptional customer service increasing customer's' satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Beauty Personal Services

  • Managed different events for a non-profit organization, solicited donations, obtained sponsors, and sent communications to the most important mass media. Collected more than M donated by important national and international celebrities.
  • Launched campaigns to attract new clients: proposed and promoted free treatment packages to our best clients, whenever they brought a new client to the salon. Sales and number of clients increased by 50%.
  • Increased sales revenues each year by 15% from 2002 to 2007.
  • Controlled regularly our costs and reduced spending by 30% by finding new providers and training the staff in better processes.

Marketing, Advertising Communications

  • Secured and incremented relationships with important clients, increasing department revenue from M to M+ over a 3-year period.
  • Designed and developed advertising campaigns for six essential accounts that increased revenue by 300%.
  • Acquired 14 new accounts, improving annual revenue by more than M.
  • Managed diverse local, regional and national clients.

Environmental Science

  • Established new initiatives in compliance with environmental regulations such as the purchase of one third of renewable energy, generated from wind, solar and geothermal sources.
  • Established an integrated approach to environmental stewardship in all the fields of the company to reach a long-term resource sustainability: sustainable operations, interested parts engagement and supply chain sustainability. As a consequence, the company was recognized in 2010 as the ABCD Green company of the year.
  • Presented an energy-smart buildings project for the company, that used software to make buildings more energy efficient, it saved about .000 per year in energy costs, and it contributed significantly to meet the company's environmental goals.

Controller and Treasurer

  • Reduced department costs by 15% over a one-year term.
  • Trained employees rising productivity in a 15%
  • Created and introduced cost controls and measurable results.
  • Reorganized finance staff, including personnel decisions, which improved expertise, enhanced performance, and removed needless work.

Broker and Agent

  • Contacted 500 potential customers with response of 30% and from this 30% converted a 10% into sales.
  • Awarded the "Most Productive Employee" in 2008 and 2009.
  • Improved and incremented relationships with realtors, builders and customers through incentives.
  • Purchased property and supervised the whole construction cycle.
  • Hired subcontractors and dealt with payments, taxes and other expenses.
  • Interviewed, hired and trained the sales team.

Coach, Trainer and Scout

  • I've been recognized for creating the sport of basketball. I am also created for inventing the football helmet. I was honored by the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. I was also named honorary president of the International Basketball Federation.


  • Successfully opened and managed multiple high end remodeling companies over the past 12 years.
  • I have directly contracted and completed many new construction homes from the ground up, which included 3 million dollar homes.
  • I worked hand in hand with The Home Depot Expo on many high end kitchen and bath remodels from 2005 to 2009.


  • Over M in vacation property sales in Mazatlán, México, for 3 developments, then established in own Real Estate office.
  • Started 3 different businesses, and brought them to successful and profitable operations.

Telephone Sales

  • Secured and incremented relationships with important clients, increasing revenue from 0K to 0K in one year.
  • Developed and maintained excellent customer relationships and offered exceptional customer service increasing customers' satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Customer Service Representative

  • Dealt with an important volume of work with strict deadline objectives.
  • Became the trainer of new and current employees.
  • Recommended for enthusiasm, tenacity, initiative, persuasiveness, customer focus and stability in achievement evaluations.
  • Completed customer service training to establish ways to ameliorate customer satisfaction and improve productivity.
  • Created partner relationships on a daily basis.


  • Managed completion of diverse million per year construction projects.
  • Evaluated and analysed project costs, arranged takeoffs and performed project proposals dealing with the General Contractor.
  • Directed crews of 30 people that included carpenters, journeymen drywall hangers, and other general laborers.
  • Cooperated in the completion of 15 schools remodeling project, to doubling the square footage of gyms and locker rooms. At the new spaces, dining

Singer and Musician

  • Directed orchestra at Carnegie Hall.
  • Won Mercury Music Award for best album of 2012 with Alt-J.
  • Number one hit single in the U.K. for song Tame Impala.
  • Performed with Black Keys on their U.S. Tour of Brothers 2010.

Coach, Trainer and Scout

  • Steered the club to win two Conference USA Football Championship titles in 2010 and 2012.