Resume Objective

If you are certain of your career goal, and are not going to look at any opportunities that do not fall into that category, then a resume objective is appropriate. However, if you want to be able to use your resume in a number of different situations, then do not include an Objective, and certainly not one that is so broad that it tells your reader nothing.

Resume Objective

Do not feel as though you must change your Objective each time to match the position to which you are applying. You want the resume process is to be easy and fast. In the vast majority of situations, you want to use the same resume over and over, modifying only your resume objective for each specific opportunity.

Resume Objective Examples by Career Field:

Accounting and Finance

To obtain a managerial position where I can utilize my military skills to mentor a team toward more efficient operations.

Computer Security

To obtain an Information Security Specialist/Management position where my 21 years of professional and military experience, education, and training will allow me to make an immediate contribution to your company's security posture.

Construction Skilled Trades

To secure a challenging position within a growing company that will allow me to utilize a variety of my professional skills, and offers infinite opportunity for advancement.

Construction Management

To work with a reputed organization dealing in manufacturing/supply/maintenance and deployment of Construction Equipments where I can enhance my technical and managerial skills for development of organization working with.

Construction Management

I want to change the focus of my career in the pipeline industry. I am interested in getting into receiving materials and coating inspection.

Construction Management

Over ten years’ experience as construction project manager/foreman.

Leading all functions of construction project management including planning, designing, processing, specs-approvals, managing staff, supervising sub-contractors, budgeting, scheduling, progress reporting and timely completion of projects.

Objective Statement - Challenging position to proficiently manage, oversee and execute large-scale construction projects.

Construction Management

Provide comprehensive project management for electrical projects through strategic commodity purchasing, assistance in planning of field installations and identification of potential change orders in order to enable maximum profitability.

Construction Trade

To secure a challenging Millwright Lead position where I can fully utilize my extensive skills in the trade as well as mentor others in the development of their careers.

Construction Trade

My career goals are to be employed by the best mechanical contractor in the industry and to be an integral part of their success.

Consulting Business

I am to enhance business operations through solid customer relationships, implementing strategic policies, developing sales and marketing plans and through efficient and intelligent management of accounts.

Correctional Officer

Obtain a position where I can maximize my management skills, case management experience, security knowledge, training and team building abilities.

Customer Service Management

I am an educated professional with a strong work ethic, high level of energy and enthusiasm known for the ability to build relationships and educate customers, resulting in customer satisfaction, retention and increased sales. With my business acumen, strong leadership, communicative skills, extensive customer service and sales experience, I would exceed your goals. With my excellent customer service skills and as a color coordinator, with a creative mind and artistic background, I feel I would be an asset to your team. With my Interior Design background, I would bring my organizational skills, design expertise and detail oriented experience . As the Visual Merchandising Manager for Macy's, I have the vision to implement displays, presentations, themes, events, with ideas to bring them to life.My motivation is to grow and to contribute in the most effective manner by being a key and an effective team player with unlimited loyalty and commitment.

Customer Service Management

My objective is to obtain employment with a dynamic company. I would like to contribute to a team atmosphere and help grow any company.

Customer Service Representative

Ability to communicate effectively with the public.

Ability to adhere and administer to, and uphold policies, and procedures.

Ability to schedule appointments, file, and enter data precisely.

Ability to answer busy multiple phone lines, or switchboard promptly and courteously.

Over 10 years’ experience working closely, and building relationships with the public.

Cash handling experience

Managerial experience

Strong ability to multi-task.

Customer Service Representative

I am a ambitious person,who strive for excellence in every aspect of my work.I provide a safe,enthusiastic,and comfortable environment.I also strive for leadership within the work place. I have excellent people skills,as well as a very positive attitude.I am a very fast learner,and is open to learning how to help a company grow.I have reliable transportation to and from work,and i consider myself a dependable,and reliable individual.

Retail Customer Service

To join a progressive organization and become a contributing member of the staff, while all along providing customers with efficient and courteous customer service, to achieve and surpass personal and corporate goals.

Retail Customer Service

Experienced manager with excellent customer service and project management skills. Action-oriented with strong ability to communicate effectively with technology, executive, and business audiences.


Seek a position in Plant/Facilities management. Provide superior customer service by developing a team of motivated individuals educated in the field of Plant/Facilities operations.

Engineering Management

I hope to be able to combine my experience in the Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental fields in order to become an experienced and competent Engineer and Supervisor. To increase Plant Efficiency, Reliability and Profitability.

Enlisted Military

My objective is to be selected as the Human Resource Advisor for the 141st Air Refueling Wing. To serve my wing in a greater leadership role and be a mentor to all ranks.

Enlisted Military

Career and goal minded individual applying for position as an Aviation Safety Inspector - Air Carrier Maintenance personnel.

Enlisted Military

To begin a career and excel in a professional business environment.

Installation and Maintenance

To use my God given gift of service in a challenging and rewarding campground ministry.

Franchise Management

I am looking to join a team of innovators in their business, providing 1st class service and 100% customer satisfaction. I always strive for above and beyond expectations.

Computers and Technology

To obtain a position to oversee and coordinate publication of DONA International’s eDoula e-mail newsletter and blog postings.

Healthcare Management

Seeking a challenging position such as a clinical support in an organization where my diagnostic skills and knowledge can be put into great use.

Healthcare Management

Seeking a position with a company or facility which will allow me to contribute my knowledge, experience and dedication to provide service and support.

Accounting and Finance Investment Banking

Ambitious to embark on a strategic level position in a dynamic environment, where I can utilize my professional and leadership skills to contribute towards the organization’s growth.

Installation and Maintenance Manager

Obtain a responsible and challenging position within your company that will allow me to learn new technologies and skills while utilizing my previous experiences to improve beyond my abilities currently, and also to build a strong business relationship with the company and clients; and exceed expectations to excel within the company.

Marketing, Communications and PR

A Marketing Manager position with Young Plans. Offering strong communication skills and marketing acumen and the ability to integrate the two for successful program initiation and management.

Military Officer

Be selected as Executive Officer for the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board for fiscal year 2014.

Operations Management

Knowledgeable supervisor with over ten years experience in hospitality, seeking managerial position. Has an exceptional record of optimizing inventory, merchandising, branding, marketing, and public relations.

Operations Management

I desire to continue in the field of logistics bringing with me a strong work ethic, team cohesion, and my great experience with material operations, warehouse management and operations skills. I am interested in your company and this area of work as it will expand upon my knowledge, skills and abilities in areas of supply, third party logistics, site coordination, and good team building.

Operations Management

Utilize my skills to handle quality assurance and quality of system compliance with the work; excellent time management skills to meet strict deadlines. Desire to bring hotel to hotel consistency according to all IHG brands.

Product Management

To secure a position in a growing company that has room for advancement.

Production Supervisor and Manager

Adaptable Retail Grocery Warehouse Manager with 9+ years experience in both the sales floor and warehouse aspects of operation.

Familiar with product ordering, receiving, loading and unloading, use of handheld scanners, inventory accuracy.

Quick learning, hard working, multi-tasker with a flexible schedule seeks employment in a warehouse position.

Real Estate and Property Management

To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, property management experience and ability to work well with people.


Committed and motivated Administrative Assistant with exceptional customer-relation and decision-making skills. Strong work ethic, professional demeanor and great initiative.

Restaurant and Food Service

To be a team member and obtain a position that requires a degree of self-motivation in a fast-paced environment with room for advancement.

Restaurant and Food Service

Work for a well-established Culinary Enterprise seeking a position in culinary art where my experience and culinary specialist will be fully utilized.

Sales Management

Experienced Sales Management Professional and Volunteer extraordinaire looking to apply my professional and life skills to your team. I have managed sales from the top decision maker down to the end user level and understand all the steps in between. In addition, my volunteer experience has also enhanced my relationship building and communication skills as A liaison between school administrators and parents, both with high demands and high expectations.

Sales Management

Being a dynamic part of a company which believes on customer-centered growth, an organization that can really tune its people as highly groomed professionals. The core objective is the career based on professionalism of high excellence.

Transportation and Distribution

I would like to get better in skills of painting cars or painting in general i have a work passion and just wanna work all the time.

Technical Support for Customer Service

I desire to use my wide base of knowledge; technical and people skills from my home office in order to help people.

Either project-based or part-time. Some travel is possible to the Bay Area/Sacramento area, but not too often.

Alternative and Holistic Medicine

I believe that I am a team oriented person who likes to work with expert individuals in different fields and areas to follow the best performance of targeting project.

Athlete and Sport Competitor

Wanted to accomplish and stood for "Compassionate Conservatism"


I have always wanted to teach Chinese Medicine. I had planned to teach in California but my Husband's job changed and we moved to Hawaii. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with students. I do not want to start a practice again or treat patients at this time, I would love to pass the torch and teach.

My most passionate subjects, That I feel I would be the best at to teach is; Herbal Medicine, Theory, Diagnosis, Case studies.

Alternative and Holistic Medicine

I believe that I am a team oriented person who likes to work with expert individuals in different fields and areas to follow the best performance of targeting project.

Attorney and Lawyer

A full time job as an Senior Criminal Lawyer at the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

Accounting and Finance Auditor

To work in a friendly environment and excel at anything I do. Also to be open to new experiences and maintain a good workplace.

Skilled Trades Automotive and Motor Vehicles

Proficient using: Scanners, service manual software, schematics.

Strong work ethic and a mind for productivity and profit for the shop.

High quality workmanship and factory standards objective.

Bank Executive

Senior sales and service leadership professional with 12 years of experience in Retail and Commercial banking. Extensive knowledge of sales process, sales management as well as product development/roll out. An avid fan of cooperation, I easily navigate through silos to achieve bank initiatives' success.


To obtain a full or part-time bartending position in a well respected restaurant or bar in Austin,Tx with a good clientele and loyal local customer base. Would like to work for an establishment that proudly serves great food, craft cocktails, and a good selection of craft beers and wines. I am new to the Austin area and obtaining this position will greatly advance my already 20+year career as a bartender and successful restaurateur.

Business Administration

I am seeking a position with a rapidly growing company that will allow me to utilize my ability to drive the successful delivery of exceptional customer service and sales techniques while embracing the culture and reinforcing the company’s vision.

Business Administration

To declare ourselves free and independent from Great Britain, demand redress for the bloodshed that they have perpetuated against those claimed to be fellow countrymen, and to demand the right to to all things which free and independent states might do.


To secure a position within an established company where my skills and experience will be utilized, and opportunity for future advancement as a foreman can be fulfilled.


My goal is to find a lead position in a new or growing company so I can be a part of building a new and exciting business, or be a heavy lifter in expanding an established organization.

Construction Management

My desire is to pursue a long term relationship which would allow me to bring my experiences, expertise, and knowledge to your established business.

Controller and Treasurer (Accounting and Finance)

To work for an organization where my skills, knowledge and work experience can be used progressively in order to achieve the organization's goals.

Dental Assistance

To work in a professional environment that is warm and welcoming to our patients, has good interoffice communication, and works together as a productive team. An office that instills the importance of quality dental care for the overall good health.

Electrical and Electronics Installation and Maintenance

To pursuer a challenging career in prestigious organization to use my analytical skill, ability to communicate ideas, commitment to perform quality work and relevant experience to improve efficiency of the organization and make the most of my professions experience highly responsible individual who is passionate about creating and building a successful service or business. I want to learn as much as I can so that opportunities for advancement arise and could prove a valuable assets for the organization.

Financial Management

Retired financial and accounting executive looking for a part-time position using his extensive experience to assist senior management in achieving organization objectives.


Pursuing a position in Management. I want to be part of a winning team. I am a very productive person, dependable, pay attention to detail, and I like to multitask. I work well with others and lead by example.


A highly self motivated individual who is focused about carrying the responsibilities of a position of Sales & Marketing Director and take the company to the path of sustainable growth.

Market Research

MBA in Marketing & International Business. Focused on a committed and professional career in business consulting/market research. Almost two years experience.


Knowledgeable and innovative finance, sales and marketing professional whose success is based on integrity, exceptional customer service, efficiency and ambition.

Detail-oriented Marketing Manager with excellent problem solving skills and extensive social media marketing experience.

Military Officer

I want recognition for what I do. I appreciate having authority over other employees. I am used to being the one in charge and would make a great manager or executive.

Physician and Surgeon

To Obtain a Position as head of surgery at the Cancer Center of America in Jacksonville Florida.

Restaurant and Food Service

Looking for new Executive level challenges in food service.

I am a seasoned Food Service Director and Executive Chef with a proven track record of over 25 years. I can do any cuisine, from American comfort food to tavern, French and Italian regional, German, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Cajun, Mexican, Caribbean, etc; I am especially good at raising the food level and slashing costs.

Sales Management

Get a position of a head manager in sales department; senior manager in sales department.

School Administration

As the Special Education Coordinator of a multi-cultural school of over 1,600 students, I direct plan coordinate and supervise all Special Education Services and programs. I am responsible for ensuring compliance and providing the special education services for students with disabilities ages 14-through 21 to ensure the provision of a free and appropriate public education. My professional career reflects more than 16 years of education, training, administration, program management and development in the unique and challenging field of Special Education. I have successfully demonstrated the ability to multi-task, create and customize learning programs for students in all grades and ability levels. I have designed and built a program where inclusion is a key factor, going from zero caught taught classes to offering over 20 co-taught opportunites in English, Math, Science and Social Studies in a course of 4 years. Our transition program boasts many opportunities for students to work within our communities and continues to grow leaps and bounds. I have continued to build and cultivate positive working relationships with stakeholders, support staff, teachers, district administrators , parents and students.