Professional Resume Skills

When evaluating future career choices and options, you want to be sure to capitalize on the use of what we call motivated resume skills. Just as the term implies, motivated skills are the ones that you find energizing and enjoyable. During the course of your career, you may have developed lots of skills and abilities that you prefer not to continue to use.

Finding Top Skills You Need On Your Resume

Resume Skills

List your motivated skills and enhance them setting learning goals for yourself that will enable you to become increasingly proficient at things you enjoy. Determine which skills you really enjoy using checking these skills -working with people and working with Data- resources:

Skills Working with people

Acting Advising Advocacy Arbitration Clarifying Client/customer relations Coaching Collaborating Communicating Conflict management Consulting Counseling Creating synergies Debating Decision-making Delegating Demonstrating Developing people Diplomacy/tact Directing Effecting change Entertaining Facilitating Helping others Hosting Influencing Initiating Instructing Interrogating Interviewing Leadership Listening Litigation Managing people Mediation Mentoring Monitoring Motivating Negotiation Nurturing Performing Placating Policing Promoting Public speaking Recruiting Representing Sales Socializing Supervising Teaching Team-building Training

Skills Working with Data and other things

Accounting Analyzing Appraising Assessing Auditing Bookkeeping Budgeting Calculating Cataloguing Charting Classifying Compiling data Computer programming Conceptualizing Creating Designing Drafting Drawing Driving Editing Evaluating Experimenting Financial planning Fund-raising Forecasting Formulating policy Hypothesizing Interpreting Inventing Investing Machine operation Mechanical aptitude Planning Policy analysis Policy development Problem analysis Problem-solving Program design Program development Project design Project development Project management Reading blueprints Reducing costs Regulating Reorganizing Researching Reviewing Scheduling Spatial relations Surveying System analysis System design Testing Troubleshooting Typing Using tools

Resume Skills Examples


  • Great Communication Skills, Audio, Oral, and Written, 11 years years
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork, Relationship Builder, Able to Relate Well With Others, 11 years years
  • Computer Literate, Microsoft Word, Excel, Database, etc..., 11 years years
  • Able to successfully prioritize, Can multitask easily, 11years years
  • Great flexibility, Can adapt easily to changing situations, 11 years years
  • Strong Work Values, Dependable, Honest, Loyal, Positive Attitude, etc..., 11 years years


  • Quick Books/Accounting, pro, 18 years
  • Internet, Explorer, Google, pro, 15 years
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping, pro, 18 years
  • Sales and Income Tax preparation, pro, 12 years
  • Tenant Pro/property management, pro, 5 years

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Business Management, Expert, 7 years
  • Business Accounting, Expert, 7 years
  • Technical Writing, Expert, 12 years
  • IT Service, Expert, 15 years

Agency Owner

  • Trainer, PCE, CEILLI, BNM Compliance training, 9 years
  • Product Trainer, Training in Investment Link and Saving Plan, 9 years
  • Speaker, Small Scale BOP, Agency Planning Conference, 9 years
  • Team Building, Organising Team Building , 9 years
  • Event, Organising Event and Promotion for company, 9 years

Adjuster, Investigator and Collector

  • Multitask and Prioritize Tasks, Multitask and Prioritize Tasks, 13 years
  • Great Customer Service Skills, Customer Service, 13 years

Automotive and Body

  • Diagnosing Engines, Excellent, 20 years
  • Diagnosing and Repair A/C Systems, Excellent, 15 years

Truck Driver

  • Class A CDL Driver with N Endorsement, All types of combination vehicles, 13+ Years years

Customer Service Management

  • Operations Management, Expert, 3 years
  • Staff Development, Expert, 3 years
  • Policy/Program Development, Manager, 5 years
  • Sound Judgement, Expert, 11 years
  • Microsoft Office proficiency, Expert, 9 years
  • Excel Spreadsheets, Expert, 9 years
  • Meticulous attention to detail, Management, 11 years
  • Self-directed, Expert, 11 years
  • Dedicated team player, Expert, 11 years
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills, Expert, 11 years
  • Complex Problem Solving, Expert, 11 years
  • Customer-oriented, Expert, 11 years
  • Reliable, Expert, 11 years
  • Data entry, Expert, 9 years

Construction Trade

  • Carpentry, 30 years
  • Plumbing, 10 years
  • Welding/Metal Fabrication, 5 years
  • Flooring Repair/Installation All Types, 10 years
  • Customer Service, 22 years
  • Interior Design, 25 years
  • Merchandising, 10 years
  • Drywall, 20 years
  • Painting, 30 years
  • Custom furniture/Cabinets Design and Build, 20 years
  • Furniture and Trim Refinishing, 10 years
  • Electricial, 5 years
  • Auto Repair, 5 years
  • Crew Trainer/Leader, 10 years
  • Appliance Installation, 15 years
  • Fencing, Decks, Siding, and Landscaping, 15 years
  • Organizational Consulting, 15 years
  • Cleaning: Residential and Commercial, 10 years
  • Machine Operator, 20 years

Facilities, Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Factory Skills, Operating 100 ton forge press, grinders, saws, straighteners, forklift, bucket loaders etc., 20 years years
  • Building Trade, Managing my own business, Carpenter, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, Tapper and Painter etc., 25 years years


  • Customer Service/Support, Worked extensively in the service industry over the past 6 years helping and assisting customers in person as well as over the phone. , years
  • Management, I've managed two separate kitchens over the past 5 years with crews ranging from 4 to 12. , years
  • Team-Oriented Familiarity, Worked in all types of restaurants over the past six years, ranging from small mom and pop shops to high end chain restaurants as well as a Michelin Star restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. In all aspects I've had to work directly with co-workers fluidly and efficiently in order to conduct our work and accomplish our goals in a timely manner while simultaneously producing a high quality product. , years

Education and Training

  • Communicator, Lead Teacher/ Facilitator, 16 yrs years
  • Coaching, Mentor/Supervisor Teacher, 6 yrs years
  • Problem Solving, Administration, 4 years

Customer Service Management

  • Learning coach, Clear communication skills, Patience, Calming presence, Attentiveness, Ability to use positive language, Ability to handle surprises and a natural smile =), Customer Service, 9 years years
  • Team motivator, Clear communication, Making change orders and deposits and dealing with money, Ability to learn, Patient, Ability to multi task, Goal orientated , Management, 6 years years

Controller and Treasurer

  • Quickbooks - desktop & online versions, advanced transaction processing & reporting, 5 years years
  • Microsoft Office - various versions, Excel & Word, 15 years years
  • Creative Solutions Suite of Accounting Products, Trial Balance CS, UltraTax CS, Fixed Asset CS, 7 years years
  • Google Apps for Business, Advanced email functions, maintain multiple calendars, calendar sharing & scheduling, embedding calendars in webpages, creating intranet sites to collaborate with clients utilizing Google Sites, utilizing GQueues application for task management & scheduling, 2 years years

Inside Sales

  • Parts Counter Person, Professional, 19 years
  • Phone Sales, Professional, 19 years
  • Certified Forklift Driver, Intermediate, 5 years
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk, Intermediate, 5 years
  • Warehouse Operations, Intermediate, 5 years
  • Accounting, Basic, 5 years
  • Inventory Control Management, Intermediate, 5 years

Healthare Management

  • Technical Writing, Expert , 10+ years
  • Payroll and Payroll Software, Expert , 10+ years
  • Customer Service, Expert, 10+ years
  • Microsoft Office, Expert, 10+ years
  • Inventory Management, Expert, 6 years
  • Accounting and Budgeting, Expert, 10+ years
  • Office Management, Expert, 6+ years

Professional Development

  • OTES certified, eTPES requirements, 1 years
  • Internal OIP Facilitation, DLT, BLT & TBT work, 7 years
  • Grant Writing, Application, Implementation & Reporting, 15+ years
  • Intervention Research & Design, Data Analysis & Intervention Planning, 7 years
  • Professional Development & Design, Curricular standards, OTES, Prezi & Powerpoint, 15+ years
  • Preschool Website Development, Microsoft Expressions, 1 years
  • Federal Programs/CIP, State & Federal Requirements, 15+ years


  • Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills, Editing, 7 years
  • Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, 7 years
  • Strong Organizational Skills, Time Management, 7 years
  • Data Analysis, Information Processing, 7 years
  • Managerial Skills, Supervision, 1 years
  • Service Oriented, Client Satisfaction, 5 years
  • Proficiency in Computer Use, Microsoft Office, 7 years

Elementary School

  • Good Art And Craft, Utilizing the skills for the development of various arts Providing the best performance every time and achieving the given tasks, Highly skilled in different art genres as well as several materials for teaching in a range of styles Profound knowledge of art history and ability to understand the abstract concepts Ability to perceive the creativity in the students and help them to develop it Capacity to guide students in various arts like painting, sketching, and designing years

Office Assistant

  • Customer Service, Helping others with a positive attitude., 25 years years
  • Collections, Tracing customers with non-payment status and collecting the payments from them personally outside of the office., 4 years
  • Microsoft Office Programs, Word, Excel, Access, Works, Powerpoint, and Overlook, 15 years years


  • Class B Driver's License, Experience, 12 Years years
  • Microsoft Office, Experience, 12 Years years
  • Forklift Operater, Experience, 20 Years years

Barista and Café Worker

  • Barista, Espresso Beverages, Brewed Coffee, Brewed Tea, 7 years
  • Basic Managerial Skills, Order, Inventory, Scheduling, 3 years
  • Customer Service, Problem Solving, Salesmanship, Caring, 7 years

Construction Equipment Operator

  • Scraper Operator (GPS), Cat 613, 623, 627, 631, 637, 651, 657., 5 years
  • Grader Operator (GPS), CAT 12,14,140,16,160,163 JD 670, 772, 870, 872, 5 years
  • Dozer Operator (GPS), CAT D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, 5 years
  • Haul Truck Operator, CAT 773, 775, 777, 5 years
  • Moxy Operator, CAT 740, BELL B40, B50, VOLVO A20, A25, A30, 5 years
  • Compactor Operator (GPS), CAT 815, 825, 5 years
  • Bobcat Operator, Bobcat T190, T320, T450 CAT 259, 279, 299, 5 years


  • Bartender, Making drinks, Customer service, 2+ years
  • Customer Service, Dealing with customers with a good attitude, 14+ years

Assembly and Fabricator

  • Forklift, manufacturing, 2 years
  • backhoe, manufacturing, 2 years
  • Fiberoptics, fiberoptic cable, 1 years
  • Front loader, manufacturing, 2 years

Assembly and Fabricator

  • I am a friendly loyal and clearly dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment.Although I have extensive experience in the manufacturing industry,I love to learn and am always up to a challenge whatever the situation. I get along well with others,whilst also working efficiently on my own. I am seeking a position where I can develop and excel while giving my best to an employer., Forklift Certified,Inspection (Attention to detail) Team Oriented, 4 Years years

Business Analyst

  • Data Analysis, Proficient, Almost 3 Years years
  •, Proficient, 18 Months years
  • Reporting, Proficient, Almost 3 Years years
  • Process Improvement, Proficient, Almost 3 Years years
  • Project Delivery, Fairly Proficient, Almost 3 Years years

Cafeteria and Food Service

  • Janitorial, Vast knowledge of cleaning supplies and procedures, 4 years
  • Organization, Will habitually maintain a clean workplace and environment, 4 years
  • Communication, Able to communicate effectively with coworkers and managers, 4 years
  • Welding, Trained by professional welder. KingBuilt.Com,Inc., 2 Years years
  • Youth Work, YMCA & Valleybrook Church, 4 Years years
  • Driver/Fork Lift Experience, Super Target, DHL, & KingBuilt.Com,Inc., 6 Years years
  • Computer Experience, School, Petco, Super Target, DHL, & KingBuilt.Com,Inc., 18 Years years

Human Resources

  • Communication, Expert, 15 years
  • Self-Awareness, Expert, 10 years
  • Patience , Intermediate, 10 years
  • Relationship building , Expert, 15 years
  • Attentive, Expert, 15 years
  • Accurate, Expert, 15 years
  • Adaptable , Expert, 15 years
  • Resourceful, Expert, 15 years
  • Enterprising, Intermediate, 15 years
  • Dedicated , Expert, 15 years
  • Efficient , Expert, 15 years
  • Reliable, Expert, 15 years

Computer and Office Machines

  • Computer maintenance (hardware and software), 2006, 6 years
  • IP camera administrator, 2010, 3 years
  • Networking, 2008, 5 years
  • Good experience with office 2007 and internet skills, 2007, 6 years
  • Good knowledge in domain controller server and DHCP and server , 2008, 5 years
  • Tender writer, 2008, 5 years


  • Elevator Mechanic, Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, 4 years
  • Elevator Mechanic, Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, 9 years
  • Firefighter, Firefighter, 8 years

Construction Equipment Operator

  • Knowledge of utility locating, Performed utility locates for other entities as well as dealt with locating services, 3 yrs years
  • Knowledge of excavation processes, Performed and supervised many excavations, 3 yrs years
  • Knowledge of reading blueprints and maps, Work daily with plans and maps of city utilities, 3 yrs years

Construction Laborer

  • Work Well in Group, Construction requires strenuous work that requires a crew to work together for the common goal, 2 years
  • Skid Loader Operation, Use of skid loader around shop and on job for various tasks like loading dirt, cutting grade, spreading dirt, etc., 3 years
  • Mini Excavator Operation, Dig and expose cables, dig various sized pits, rock trenching, backfill and cleanup , 2 years

Construction Trade

  • Experience with forklifts and front end loaders, Excellent, 8 years
  • Excellent communication, Very good, 25 years
  • Experience with heavy equipment, Excellent, 8 years
  • Multi-tasker, Excellent, 8 years


  • Delivery Driver, Delivering orders, 1-3 at a time., 3 years years
  • Short Order Cook, preparing order, bagging, labeling, sending out, 3 years years
  • Food prep, Inventory for food shipments, receiving and stocking food shipments. Preparing dough, sauce, cheese etc., 2 years years
  • Operating Register, Ringing up customers, writing, putting up orders, 2 years years