How long should a professional resume be?

Resume length plays a crucial role in your job search. Learn how long your resume should be and how to format one to match your career goals.

Your resume introduces your occupational skills, formal training, and professional talent to job recruiters. It should be long enough to highlight your capabilities but also concise and to the point. You can determine the right resume length for your job search by learning for what careers to use one-, two-, and three-page resumes.

How long a professional resume should be?

One-Page Resumes

One-page resumes are ideal for people who have relatively little job experience or are newly graduated from high school or college. The one-page length is sufficient for highlighting the job experiences that they do have as well as their high school or collegiate training.

You should also use a one-page resume if you want to make a radical change to your job aspirations or if you have only held one or two positions during your entire career. Trying to stretch your resume into two pages for such scenarios could result in one that is wordy and full of “fluff” or non-essential details.

Two-Page Resumes

Most people find that two-page resumes best suit their job search goals. You should use a two-page resume if you have 10 years or more work experience or if you possess technical skills and knowledge that would be useful to the position for which you are applying.

When you use a two-page resume, you should start with the most pertinent information first, such as your career summary or your objective. Your key credentials should also be included on the first page. Your contact information should be included on your resume's second page.

Three-Page Resumes

You should use a three-page resume if you are applying for high level jobs in management, teaching, medicine, legal, or similar professions. A three-page resume allows you to include all of your requisite contact details, career summary and objectives, and formal training. It also gives you enough space to submit your professional or curricula vitae and details of your publications.

As when using a two-page resume, you should include your most important details on the resume's first page. You should use headers and also ensure that the pages of your resume are numbered.

Online Tools to obtain an Appropriate Resume Length

Along with using a resume that is the appropriate length for your job aspirations, you can also save space by formatting it in the best size file (for example, using PDFtoWord). You may want to save space on your computer or mobile device. You also may want to make it more convenient for recruiters to open and save your resume.

To avoid using too much space, you can convert your resume from a Word document to a PDF. You can also reduce your photo size using resume image resizer technology. Use formating technology or free PDF to Word converter to create a great resume with best size and length.