Focus on the job you want

Today's job market continues to be fast-paced and competitive. When you want to outdo your competitors and garner job recruiters' attention, you must have a resume that will sell your talents and work experiences. You can create a resume that focuses on the job or career you want by using these resume building tips.

Use Industry-Specific Keywords and Phrases

One of the best ways to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and capabilities for which recruiters seek is to use industry-specific language in your resume. For example, if you are applying for a retail management job, you may want to use words and phrases like:

Resume Objective Examples
Resume Objective Examples
  • inventory control
  • customer service
  • time management
  • product
  • margin

You should use these keywords and phrases to highlight your familiarity with the industry and also the position for which you are applying. This usage shows hiring managers that you have researched the company and the position and that you know what will be expected of you if you are hired.

List Job-Specific Skills and Training

You also should prominently highlight any training or skills that you have that are specific to the position or career for which you are applying. If you are applying for a nursing position, for example, it may not serve your best interests to point out your food service experience or the classes you took in cosmetology.

Instead, you should showcase skills like CPR training, Red Cross certification, certified nursing assistance licensing, and other training and skills that relate to a nursing position. By highlighting skills and training that pertain directly to the job for which you are applying, you show that you are the best candidate and warrant a follow-up interview.

Sell Yourself and Your Qualifications

Studies indicate that job recruiters spend as few as 30 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding whether or not to call the applicant in for an interview. Those 30 seconds are crucial when it comes to selling yourself and the talent you can bring to the company.

You can ensure that your resume garners the attention it deserves by listing your strongest skill sets first and also by creating an assertive, powerfully-worded objective or career summary on your resume first page. By using an active voice and assertive wording, you can catch the attention of job recruiters and ensure that your resume opens the door to an interview and a job offer.

If you are unsure of how to create such a resume for job recruiters and hiring managers to notice, you should make use of online resources that are available to you now. A free online resume builder can help you draft resumes that match your job search, talents, and formal training.

Your resume should focus on the job you want. You can create such a resume using these tips today.