Resume Proofreading

Your resume should be pristine and perfect before you use it in your job search. By proofreading for errors like misspellings and poor grammar, you better your chances in today's competitive job market.

Job recruiters typically spend a few seconds reviewing applicant resumes. In those few seconds, they can spot grammatical errors that can cost you the job of your dreams. Before you submit a resume, you must proofread it for errors. You can perform a thorough resume check by using these helpful proofreading tips.

Common Errors to Avoid

Despite your best efforts to avoid errors, you still may allow a few to make their way onto your resume. After you finish your first draft, you should immediately review it for mistakes.

Poor grammar stands out as one of the foremost mistakes that cause job recruiters to cringe. Poor grammar can include slip-ups like:

  • Misuse of words like they're, their, and there; your and you're; too, to, and two
  • Passive voice
  • Dangling modifiers or incomplete comparisons
  • Using words like “alot” instead of “a lot”
A girl proofreading a Resume

Other errors include spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. Even when using a spellchecker, you can still make mistakes or misuse words when drafting your resume.

For example, you may intend to use the word “teach” but inadvertently type out “leach.” The spellchecker will not flag the error. It is up to you to review your resume and correct the mistake.

Likewise, punctuation errors can lead to your resume being tossed aside instead of being considered for the job for which you applied. You can avoid errors by knowing when to use periods versus commas, ellipses versus hyphens, and other common punctuation.

You can avoid errors like these by taking your time when creating your resume and by utilizing thorough resume proofreading before you submit it to potential employers. By recognizing these mistakes and revising resume errors before you apply for a job, you better your chances of finding work in the job market.

How to Proofread Your Resume

How can you proofread resume drafts before you actually use them in your job search? Reviewing your resume should go beyond skimming what you have typed on your word document. Thorough proofreading requires that you take your time and put effort into scrutinizing your own writing for mistakes.

You may find it helpful to print off your resume and then read it slowly, reviewing every line for mistakes. You also can try reading your resume backwards. This technique forces your brain to process the information on your resume and spot errors quicker.

You also are encouraged to use free online resume building resources available to you now. A free online resume builder guides you through the resume creation process and helps you correct embarrassing grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors that could cost you your ideal job.