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On this page you can find a professionally resume section samples that can be used to create an interview winning Program Manager resume. Program Manager ensures the success of organization key programs and large-scale projects. They must represent a versatile and highly experienced professional in the organization.

Program manager professionals have their own unique set of requirements and it is very important to improve them with a good management training.

Many well-recognized companies have agreements with universities. These universities provide management courses to the employees of these companies. This management training ensures they will improve their skills to solve efficiently the different problems that a manager must face every day. Other companies provide their managers the enough resources to take management courses where they want. The directors of these companies have understood the importance of management courses for their managers. They know that managers play an important role inside the company. It they don’t get enough knowledge in management to solve a problem, the company could lose money, resources, agreements, and even go broke.

Program Manager Resume Templates

Program Manager resume sections

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Resume Objective Examples

To further my career in the human services field.

I am a military spouse reentering the workforce looking for employment utilizing my volunteer experience and knowledge of military culture.

To secure a public sector or private position capitalizing on my vast education and leadership experience in public administration, non-profit executive management, education, fundraising, budgeting and accounting.

Resume Objective Examples
Resume Objective Examples

Experience Examples for Program Manager Resumes

Youth Volunteer Manager (9/1/09 - 7/30/10)

  • Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk, CT
  • Managed recruitment, evaluation and recognition of between 70 and 90 youth volunteers.
  • Developed training program in exhibit and program facilitation and customer service.
  • Strengthened Peer Advisory Board within program and developed a leadership training.
  • Assisted with developing and managing Youth Forum, an event inviting youth from community to participate in discussions around topics affecting youth nationwide.

Visitor Services Manager/Coordinator (2003 - 8/31/09)

  • Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk, CT
  • Worked in team capacity to recruit, hire and evaluate performance for 15-25 museum docents.
  • Managed daily operations of museum including front desk sales, exhibit maintenance and repair, customer service and educational programs.
  • Participated in management team meetings regarding the improvement in workplace protocols such as performance reviews, staff recognition, professional development standards, budgets and business plans.

Unit Supervisor (February 2009 - Present)

  • Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services , Homewood, Alabama
  • Supervise blind and low vision vocational rehabilitation services to include a 25 county area in North-Central Alabama and 35 full-time staff members
  • Maintain and develop programs, partnerships, and initiatives to promote superior services for consumers who are blind, low vision, and deaf-blind
  • Collaborate with Deaf/Blind staff, AIDB, Consumer Groups, and Community Rehabilitation Programs to identify consumer needs and implement specific programs and initiatives to meet consumer needs
  • Recruited and selected qualified Rehabilitation Teachers and Orientation and Mobility specialist resulting in an 100 percent increase in service capacity
  • Manage large caseload services budget to ensure consumer needs are met and that funds are spent appropriately and in accordance with agency policies as well as state and federal regulations
  • Consistently exceed RSA indicators to include one of the highest average hourly wage rates in the VR program
  • Work with other Unit Supervisors to facilitate day to day operations of the Homewood VRS/SAIL Office and serve as the Continuity of Operations Plan Coordinator for the local Homewood VR, CR, and SAIL Office

Site Manager (June 2013 - August 2013)

  • Middletown Public Schools, Middletown, RI United States
  • Supervised small and large groups of children and staff members. Coordinated activities and weekly schedules with the children and counselors, respectively.

Head Baseball Coach (March 2013 - Present)

  • Middletown Public Schools, Midd, RI United States
  • Supervise a team of kids that are students in the Middletown school district. Help develop skills and teach lessons, both on and off the field.

Cross-Trained Support Staff (August 2013 - Present)

  • Newport Athletic Club, Mid, RI United States
  • Work experience in customer service at the front desk, maintenance, and coordinated special events alongside marketing manager.

Office Manager (May 2008 - Jan 2013)

  • Golden Age Centers, Clevelandd, Ohio USA
  • Provided social services an supported individuals under the supervision of the social services director.
  • Interviewed clients and decided if they met the conditions to receive social assistance under public social services. Communicated with individuals of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds on a weekly basis. Received and resolved an average of [ 10-12] phone calls each week regarding compliance.
  • Coordinated scheduling, marketing, contract logistics and maintenance of supplies.

Program Manager resume Skills

  • Facility Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Extensive preventative maintenance and repair of 40 identified building systems, 26 years.
  • AutoCad, Educational building blueprint file usage and manipulation, 6 years.
  • School Dude CMMS Products, Maintenance Direct, Preventative Maintenance Direct, Facility Scheduling Direct, Inventory Direct, 10 years.
  • Public Speaking , Excellent public speaking and speech writing skills. Have given numerous speaking presentations on a wide variety of subjects., 30 years years
  • Teaching and Instruction, Excellence teaching skills, having taught high school and college, 4.5 years years
  • Publishing and design, Skilled in publishing, printing, layout, computer graphics, web design and numerous computer programs., 8 years years
  • Project Management, Extensive experience in project oversight, budgeting, communications strategic planning and training of personnel., 30 years years

Resume Education Samples

Middletown High School, 2012

  • Middletown, RI , United States
  • General Studies, High School Diploma
  • Liberal Art High School

Salve Regina University , Undetermined

  • Newport, RI, United States
  • Criminal Justice, Pursuing
  • 1 Semester completed

Manhattanville College , 2002

  • Purchase, NY,
  • American History, BA
  • Bachelor's Degree in American History

Troy University , 1996

  • Troy, Alabama
  • Rehabilitation , Rehabilitation
  • BS Rehabilitation

Spelman College , 1977

  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Psychology, B.A.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Program in Applied Psychology.

University of Florida , 1990

  • Gainesville, Florida, USA
  • English Literature, Bachelor of Arts

Highlight, Achievements and Languages

  • Above and Beyond Social Service Supervisor.
  • Meritorious Service- Virtual office/Telecommuting Pilot.
  • Implementing Better Job Performance Guidelines.
  • Proficient In Computer Skills.
  • English, Fluent: Native speaker.
  • Bulgarian, High conversational level: Seven years immersion living in Bulgaria.
  • Spanish, Good comprehension; low-moderate verbal skill: Four years of study in high school and university.
  • Engaged students using innovative instructional methods to help students to develop self-esteem and confidence.
  • Prepared lessons to maintain the classroom learning connected with everyday life.
  • Supported parents to promote their participation in the educational process and to reinforce education at home.
  • Used cooperative learning method and group activities to maintain a calm and work-oriented classroom.
  • Inspired and motivated students.
  • Implementation of the Family Development Matrix to assess family needs and strengths.
  • Development of events to engage mothers and fathers in their child's learning.